5 STARS from Readers' Favorite:

"Aurora’s Gold will have you reading late into the night and forgetting to do your chores. This is an action story that offers so many twists, turns, and adventures with characters that you would like for friends. Aurora’s Gold felt like a real-life look into the Alaska gold dredging life. K.J. Gillenwater has written a book embracing so many genres and hitting all of them right on the head." - Trudy LoPreto

5 STARS! "This story has many twists, suspense and let's not forget the romantic attraction between the two main characters, Aurora and Ben. Congratulations for new 5 star author." - Mary Barbato

5 STARS! "A great story with twists and turns. Not predictable like most. I really enjoyed the well written and descriptive story, as well as the adventure that unfolds. Hope there’s a sequel!!!" - Mike Z